To ensure that your order is tilled to the highest standards we request that you give us at least a two day notice for all orders. For any last minute needs please give us a call and we will try to be of service. ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

CAKES: Baked fresh here in the bakery our cakes taste as great as they look. We can decorate to suit any party style or if you prefer selected DecoPac sets are also available for a $5.00 charge.

8inch Single layer (serves 8-10)$7.99
8inch Double Layer (serves 12-15)$16.99
¼ Sheet (serves 10-20)$27.99
½ Sheet (serves 20-30)$47.00
Full Sheet (serves 50-60)$85.00

Available Cake Flavors: yellow, chocolate, marble, carrot*, red velvet*, pumpkin*(seasonal), oatmeal*

Available Frostings: traditional (white or chocolate), whipped icing (white, chocolate and other assorted flavors; please call for selection and availability), cream cheese, white chocolate cream cheese, maple

*denotes a premium cake flavor that incurs an additional $10.00 charge per sheet cake. No additional charge is incurred for premium cake flavors for 8 inch single and double layer cakes

CUPCAKES: Miniature versions of all of our delicious cake flavors (except marble) that can be decorated to match any party or seasonal theme.

Yellow, chocolate or an assortment of both$9.99 per dozen
All other flavors$10.99 per dozen

CUPCAKE CAKES: Enjoy the look of a sheet cake without the need for plates and silverware. Cupcakes are placed together on a cake board in a traditional rectangle, number, or other fun shape and iced to give the illusion of a cake. Any cake can be made into a cupcake cake including DecoPac sets (the same $5 fee applies).

12 cupcakes$14.99
24 cupcakes$26.99
48 cupcakes$52.99

You may choose to have all yellow, all chocolate or a combination of each. Cupcake cakes must be iced with whipped icing.

SHEET BROWNIES: Our fudgy brownies frosted with rich chocolate icing, party sized.

¼ Sheet: $10.99                   ½ Sheet: $19.99     Full Sheet: $34.99

Bar and Brownie Platters: An assortment of yummy, store baked bars and brownies arranged on a tray make for a sweet treat.

Small (27 pieces, 3 flavors)$35.00
Medium (45 pieces, 5 flavors)$45.00
Large (63 pieces, 7 flavors)$60.00

Cookie Platters: Our chewy, freshly baked cookies arranged on a tray.

Small (25 cookies)$25.00
Medium (40 cookies)$35.00
Large (55 cookies)$45.00

Breakfast Trays: An assortment of platters featuring freshly baked muffins, pastries, donuts and/or quickbreads to get everyone’s day started off on the right foot.

Small Muffin & Pastry Platter (10 items)$35.00
Medium Muffin & Pastry Platter (20 items)$45.00
Large Muffin & Pastry Platter (30 items)$55.00
Small Donut Platter (15 donuts)$23.00
Medium Donut Platter (25 donuts)$29.00
Large Donut Platter (35 donuts)$35.00
Small Quickbread Platter (20 slices)$25.00
Medium Quickbread Platter (30 slices)$35.00
Large Quickbread Platter (40 slices)$45.00

Pumpernickel Round Platters: A classic party appetizer! A freshly baked pumpernickel round filled with our store made dill dip and surrounded by more pumpernickel bread cut into dipping sized pieces.

Small (1lb Bread, 1lb Dill Dip)……$10.99             Large (2lb Bread, 2lb Dill Dip)…….. $18.99

Sandwich and Specialty Rolls:

Hoagie Grinder Rolls (white or wheat)$2.69/4pk
Mini Kaiser Rolls$2.69/8pk
Wheat Sandwich Rolls$2.69/8pk
Miami Onion Rolls$2.99/8pk
Large Kaiser Rolls (white or wheat)$6.99/dozen
Finger Rolls$2.69/dozen
Ciabatta Rolls$3.99/4pk
Portuguese Rolls$2.99/6pk
Buttermilk Biscuits$3.59/6pk

Specialty Breads:

Wheat ltalian$2.19
Pull-A-Parts (Garlic Parmesan, Cinnamon or Chocolate Chip)$2.99
Cheesy Bubble Bread$1.99
Garlic Bread$2.19

Dinner Rolls: $2.69 per dozen, styles including:

Freshly baked for your order. Available in a variety of flavors

White SnowflakeWheatSweet Yeast
Wheat SnowflakeWhite CloverPumpernickel Clover
Soft GoldenWheat CloverRye Clover

8 inch Pies: Fruit or custard filled $5.99 each

AppleDutch ApplePeach (seasonal)
BlueberryLemonNSA Strawberry Rhubarb
Strawberry RhubarbPumpkinNSA Blueberry
CherryRaspberry (seasonal)NSA Apple
Harvest Berry (seasonal)NSA Pumpkin

9 inch Deep Dish Cream Pies: $9.99 Chocolate or Coconut