For our convenience and yours we would appreciate at least two days notice on all orders.   

For last minute plans please give us a call, we’ll see if we can be of service.   PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE!

CHEESE & CRACKER PLATTERS: A great snack tray or before dinner nibbler.  Slices cut into cracker size pieces and arranged on a platter.

Medium Serves 20+$ 40.00
Large Serves 40+$ 60.00

VEGGIE PLATTERS: Perfect finger food for that special party.  All fresh     

Vegetables heaped on a platter with our own dill dip in the center.  Celery, 

cucumber, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, red/

green peppers, or radishes are the vegetable choices.

Small Serves 6-10$ 20.00
Medium Serves 10-20$ 40.00
Large Serves 20-40$ 60.00

FRUIT PLATTERS: This one time summer pleasure, now the year round

delight.  Mouth watering melons, grapes, pineapples, clementines, or

strawberries with dip in the center. (Certain fruits may not be available

all year.)

Small Serves 6-10$ 20.00
Medium Serves 10-20$ 40.00
Large Serves 20-40$ 60.00

RELISH PLATTERS: The perfect addition to the smorgasbord.  The colorful

Choices are black olives, green olives, dill spears, sweet gherkins, candied

Dills, sweet garden mix, hot peppers, or marinated mushrooms.

Small Serves 6-10$ 20.00
Medium Serves 10-20$ 40.00
Large Serves 20-40$ 60.00

Prices are accurate as of 3/1/2023 and are subject to change. Please call (413) 773-1100 to verify current pricing

STUFFED FINGER ROLLS:  We arrange the rolls on a platter with a garnish on each roll.  Buy them by the dozen but we do require an order of at least two dozen.  Fillings must be at least half dozen quantities.

Our store made fillings are:

Ham, chicken seaflake, egg, or tuna…………………..$ 30.00 per dozen

MEAT & CHEESE PLATTERS:  Our deli platters are made to your special order.  You may choose up to five different meats or cheeses.  You may also have mustard or mayonnaise included.  Platter size varies in size to feed from 10 to 30 people.

         Platters are priced per person…………………………..$  3.00 per person

SHRIMP PLATTERS:  An elegant extra to any special occasion.  We arrange delicious ice-cold shrimp on a bed of lettuce with cocktail sauce (except rings).

Small shrimp rings serves 5………………………….…$ 15.99 per ring

Shrimp Platters:

1 ½ lb.10-11$38.00
2 lb.14$46.00
2 ½ lb.18$55.00
3 lb.21$63.00
3 ½ lb.25$73.00
4 lb.28$79.00
4 ½ lb.32$87.00
5 lb.35$90.00


Prices are accurate as of 3/1/2023. Please call (413) 773-1100 to verify current pricing

SALAD & HOT FOODS:  Most of our salads and hot foods are store made.

They are available at the price per pound.  Some may require a minimum order of 5 pounds.  Hot foods may be requested hot for pick up.  If your favorite salad or hot food is not listed here please ask us about it.

Ambrosia$ 7.19 lb
Cole Slaw$ 4.89 lb
Potato & Egg$ 4.89 lb
Special Potato Salads$ 5.29 lb
Fresh Fruit$ 6.79 lb
Macaroni & Tuna$ 6.99 lb
Fresh Garden$ 5.79 lb
Gourmet Pasta Salad$ 7.19 lb
Broccoli, Bacon & Cheese$ 6.49 lb
Macaroni & Cheese$ 6.99 lb
Seafood Casserole$ 8.19 lb
Chop Suey$ 7.19 lb
Baked Beans$ 5.79 lb
Lasagna (meat or veggie)$ 6.99 lb
Italian, Swedish or Sweet & Sour Meatball$ 7.49 lb
B-B-Q Kielbasa$ 7.49 lb
Chicken Wings$ 8.99 lb
Scalloped Potatoes w/ Ham or Kielbasa$ 7.19 lb
Chili$ 7.19 lb
Three Bean$ 5.69 lb
Harvard Beets$ 4.99 lb
Rice & Pea Pod$ 6.79 lb
Black Bean Salad$ 5.99 lb
Hamburg Stroganoff$ 7.19 lb
Shepherd’s Pie$ 7.19 lb
Cheesy Potato$ 6.69 lb
Ham Salad$ 6.49 lb
Chicken Salad$ 9.89 lb
Egg Salad$ 7.69 lb
Tuna Salad$ 7.69 lb
Lazy Pierogies$ 7.19 lb
Quiche$ 7.49 lb

Prices are accurate as of 03/01/2023. Please call (413) 773-1100 to verify current pricing.